Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vista Ultimate, 64-bit, VS2005, "Run as Administrator"

As the title suggests I run Vista 64-bit (at least at work). I have a core2duo something or other and a whopping 4Gig of RAM.

I run VS2005 (although I think I may be switching very soon :P). and it runs very well apart from one thing.

I can't switch to it.

Well that may be over-exaggerating things a little.

I can switch to it...using Alt tab
I can switch to it...using the task-bar
I can switch to it...sometimes....by clicking on it when it's in the background.

but I can't switch to it when I click on it in the background and I'm not already running a UAC elevated process.

Yes that's right, it's as if the Elevated  processes all run in a different desktop all the time.   There's no grayed out background. there's no prompt asking me if I want to allow this action.

But none the less I cannot switch from notepad to VS2005 by clicking on VS2005 in the background of Notepad.

Now I do run VS2005 elevated as Administrator, because encourages me to every time it loads by showing me this screenimage

Why I continue to have it show the message, I don't know. I thought it might go away once I told the .exe to "Run as Administrator" every time it loads. But no, this does not appear to be the case.

I have installed VS2005 SP1 and I have applied the Vista update for same.

However... I'm not yet been 100% totally forthcoming with the full facts.... You see... It's not just VS2005 that is doing this to me.

There's another culprit and It's none other than IIS7.

So with this baffling combination of circumstances, can someone somewhere tell me what's going on here and how I can fix it.

I would love to imagine that this will be fixed in a matter of weeks when I install VS2008, but I doubt it.


So how's about it... anyone... anyone at all?

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