Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The time has come.... VS2003... you're fired.

Ok sure that was cheesy, but come on..... Just read the title again. it said "VS2003". This is a product whose name at least is soon to be out of date by 5 years. (ok nobody say XP)

I'm just sick of maintaining code that's just that old. (ok nobody say VB6)

The time has come. I am mere days now from the rollout of the last of our products to be upgraded from using version 1.1 of the .Net framework to version 2.0.

And not a minute too soon because version 3.0 is already out and version 3.5 is due out before the end of this month.

It is my sad (ecstatically happy really) duty to inform you that VS2003 is finally on it's way out. And to that end I must further inform the populace at large (or small in the case of the readership of this blog) that I will no longer be allowing said framework to hold back any of my plugins either.

I have a reasonably new core2duo 64-bit machine with 4 Gigs of ram running vista ultimate 64-bit. and I don't mean to sully (no Mulder or X-Files jokes allowed) it with any of that .Net 1.1 crap (ok no Vista cracks either).

I will be moving all plugins that are deemed worthy, to version 2.0 or better of the framework just as soon as I can find the time. (yeah I know... that could lengthen their lives by years)

I will attempt to mark their source in Subversion in such a way as to allow the 1.1 versions to live on in some sense but that's about it.

VS2005... My mate multi-targeting says your days are seriously numbered.

But VS2003 and  .Net 1.1...... You're fired.

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