Monday, November 12, 2007

Duplicate Line - Simple Examples

'Duplicate Line' is a simple enough concept....

  • Type a qualifying line of code.
  • Hit <Shift>+<Enter> instead of <Enter>

CodeRush will intelligently duplicate the line of code.

What do I mean by 'intelligently duplicate'.

Well I assume you know what I mean by 'duplicate'. What I mean by 'intelligently' is probably best demonstrated rather than explained.

Suppose I have the VB.Net line...
Position your caret at the end of this line and hit <Shift>+<Enter>.
CodeRush duplicates the line in question.....
ImportsSystemDataSelected ...and then positions the selection block cleverly around the namespace itself so that you can over-type with an alternative.

Similarly you can use this to create a whole slew of variables of the same type.....











I think you'll agree, this is quite the handy function.

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