Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Extension methods and .Net 2 Revisited

It appears that, in VB, you will be unable to create the requisite Attribute unless you have "no root namespace".

Now that's annoying. All my projects have root namespaces.

If I understand things correctly the difference between C# and VB in this respect is....

...In C# this value is copied into each source file as each is created.
...In VB.Net this value is used at compile-time (and background compile-time) and every class in the system is wrapped in said namespace.

This means that a large VB.Net program is very sensitive to any changes to this particular value.

If I keep my default namespaces, then I cannot create this attribute in this namespace. I had thought I could declare the Attribute using "Namespace Global.System.Runtime.CompilerServices" but the keyword cannot be used in this way.

It looks like I will have to create a brand new project, to create a brand new dll, just so that I can put a single attribute in it.

It seems that this is another Compiler/Language deficiency for which the only answer is to create another assembly.

Perhaps I will call my new dll "System.Core.Dll" :D

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