Friday, May 16, 2008

New StringProvider - PickFromList

DX_PickFromListStringProvider is now available as a Community Project.

This plugin adds a single string provider which can be used in templates.

Usage is:

This will create a popup, add the 3 items to it and present the user with the choice between them.


The picked Item will be inserted into the text of the rendering template.

You can use as many of these as you like in a template.

The downer for now is that the template will expand in memory and so you will have to answer the various prompts before you see any of the resultant template.

I will at some point work on making the choice become an interactive part of the editor like the field links.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DXCore Plugin - CR_Paste

A plugin designed to let you paste code from your clipboard into studio translating it to VB.Net or C# as appropriate.

This plugin adds a 'Paste' menu to the context menu of the code editor in studio. 2 sub menus allow you to paste 'C# to VB.Net' or 'VB.Net to C#'.

A third (experimental) sub menu attempts to determine the type of the code on the clipboard and paste is as whatever type the currently open document registers as.

Currently there is no support for dealing with some subtle language differences like "switch vs Select" and VB.Net's Implicitly defined function variables.

This support will be forthcoming though.

In the meantime...enjoy what there is :)


Monday, May 12, 2008

New Plugin HighlightCurrentLineInEditor

I have created a new plugin called 'HighlightCurrentLineInEditor' which unsurprisingly highlights the current active line in the editor in a nice shade of blue.

I'm sure other enhancements will follow. Perhaps the ability to choose the color or change the length of the highlighted section ( currently stuck at 150)

As is the fashion (started by me :)), I have posted the code on Google Code at

Binary Downloadable from


P.S. My apologies to AC for this not being the next 'Testing refactorings' post