Friday, May 21, 2010

CodeRush 10.1 hits RTM

Yes I know I’m a bit late with this news but I was on twitter this morning and noticed that people were still under the impression that CodeRush 10.1 was still in beta.

So let me set the record straight… Here are the facts:

  • CodeRush 10.1 (along with DXperience) hit RTM at approx 21:40 BST on 19th May.
  • CodeRush is available to subscribers from the DevExpress Client Center
  • CodeRush Xpress (Still Completely Free!!!) is available from it’s own page
  • A trial of CodeRush (Full version) is available from this page
  • The current version is 10.1.4
  • CodeRush 10.1 works under VS2010, VS2008 and VS2005
  • CodeRush has a new Color Picker which absolutely rocks in *any* color related scenario (WPF, CSS, VB, CS)
  • The Graphical API has been rewritten to the account for the changes in VS2010
  • Microsoft have requested that some features be removed from CodeRush Xpress under VS2010
    • This is believed to be because they introduced ‘similar’ features in VS2010 that they wanted to promote.
    • Such features include QuickNav, QuickFileNav, Tab To Next Reference, Highlight References and several consume first Code Generators
    • These features all still work under VS2008 and VS2005
    • These features all still work in the Trial or Full versions of CodeRush
    • MS paid to license CodeRush Xpress to all users of VS Pro or higher, so frankly they have the right to say what they’re willing to pay for. It kinda sucks but this is actually not unreasonable.

So go out spread the word “CodeRush has come to VS2010” - Which means VS2010 is finally usable :D

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