Monday, May 24, 2010

New CodeRush plugin ‘DX_NewItem’ replaces ‘Add New Item’ dialog

Note:This plugin requires the full version of CodeRush (Or a trial of same). Xpress is not supported at this time.]

I’m sick of visual studio’s ‘Add New Item’ dialog.

It’s filled with way too many items I’ll never use and it’s slow to use.

So I’ve created a CodeRush plugin to replace it in > 90% of cases.

Now I’m sure you already use CodeRush templates to create classes, methods , Interfaces and the like, but what about when you need to create something more complicated.

Something with multiple files. Something which studio is already capable of creating and where creating a CodeRush template would take too long.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ask CodeRush to trigger a Visual Studio Item template without having to muck around in the “Add New Item” dialog trying to find it first?

Well now you can!

  • Locate DX_NewItem
  • Deploy the dll to your plugin folder
  • Extract the settings file to the correct location
  • Create a single CodeRush template

and you’re done (full instructions here)

Now you have the benefit of the ‘an’ template. ‘an’ is a mnemonic for ‘Add new

For example:

anwf<space> – add new win form to your project.

anxf<space> – add new xml file to your project.

andxp<space> – add new dxcore plugin to your project.

[Note: Other Templates are already catered to… See the ‘Templates’ list on the ‘Core\Dynamic Templates’ (advanced) option page – ]

How sweet is that?!!

I’ll be adding support for other items as time goes on, but you can already add your own via the instructions on the wiki page

And now for something more visual:



BlackMael said...

Great add-in! Next step is to do the same for Add References. I'd never have to open the dang Add References dialog again. Note, the Quick Add References is cool, but a simple template shortcut to do...

arsw for Add Reference System.Web

...for example would be very handy. Or am I just getting lazy?

Rory said...

The AddAssemblyReference TextCommand already exists in CodeRush. i'll show you how to use it to best effect, in my next post

Christmas cards said...
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