Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Plugin: DX_GuidGen

I couldn’t find a StringProvider in CodeRush that would output a new Guid. So I built one :)

It’s a pretty simple plugin but I put up a wiki page anyway and you can download it from here.

Yeah I know…. There are many ways to produce this same behaviour, but I liked the idea of writing another simple StringProvider, because it allowed me time to additionally create the ‘NewStringProvider’ CodeRush template I recently added to my plugin templates.

Enjoy :)

[Note: I firmly believe that having taken the time to create this, and post it up on the web in this way, that I will find out it actually duplicates some CodeRush functionality in about 2 minutes from now.]

1 comment:

Ruben said...

I used to use PS + PSCX and do:

[guid]::NewGUID() | set-clipboard

myself, but will use this next time I have some GUIDy hackery to do. Thanks!