Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Designer Free CodeRush Plugins

[Update: I am now receiving help (from @surekill) for my chronically poor VB.Net –> C# conversions :D (Personally I blame the late nights). These templates now suck less :)] 

A couple of days ago (Erm I think) I posted here on how to use these new templates ….

  • NewAction<Space>
  • NewRefactoring<Space>
  • NewCodeProvider<Space>
  • NewIssue<Space>

… to kickstart the building of new plugins for the DXCore.

Well since then I’ve added 2 additional templates to those already provided

Now you can also call upon…

  • NewNavigationProvider<Space>
  • NewSmartTagMenu<Space>

The first of these produces code which will create items for the CodeRush “Jump To” menu.

The second one gives you code to produce your own menus (Like ‘Refactor’, ‘Code’ and ‘Jump To’)

The zip file which contained my previously exported templates now includes these 2 new ones… So feel free to download again, import them and get cracking on some new plugins :)

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