Thursday, April 02, 2009

Community Plugins for CodeRush 9.1

DXCore 9.1 introduces a different directory structure for the IDE Tools (CodeRush, RefactorPro) based on it.

Similarly you will need to move any 3rd party plugin assemblies you rely on to “C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress 2009.1\IDETools\Community\PlugIns”

Please adjust this path according to the setup of your own machine (System/install drive, x86 Vs x64)

All community plugins I have tried so far appear to work fine. If you know better please feel free to contact me via the comments.


Bobfox said...

RedGreen is currently broken due to a hard-coded path - Jim is already fixing this.

CallGraph has stopped working for me - don't know why.

HighLightCurrentLineInEditor has broken painting - a strange "blur" which makes the line unreadable.

Also note that if one has updated from the 9.1 RC instead of doing a clean install then the path is:
C:\Program Files\DevExpress\2009.1\IDETools\Community\PlugIns
(note the extra \ between DevExpress and 2009.1)

Kevin McFarlane said...

I can't find a menu entry for CR_Documentor after copying the DLL to the Community\Plugins folder.

Bobfox said...

@Kevin: same here.

Rory said...

Ok... AFAIK Jim's latest version of RedGreen fixes things for 9.1.2

I haven't looked at CallGraph yet although.

@Bobfax: have you tried playing with the settings of HighlightCurrentLineInEditor. Others are reporting correct behaviour?

CR_Documentor is indeed failing... Travis says ... "I'm out of town next week so it won't be an immediate fix. I am on it, though."

So we should have something fairly soon.