Friday, September 14, 2007

DX_Contrib, MoveIt, PaintIt and UnusedVariables all added to DXCorePlugins

The sourcecode to DX_Contrib, MoveIt, PaintIt and UnusedVariables has now been uploaded to
These projects (DX_Contrib, MoveIt, PaintIt and UnusedVariables) are all still somewhat in flux.

I'm trying to get around to making sure that the cache employed by each of them for paint purposes is kept up to date.

This seemed originally to have some performance issues and I am trying to move towards a background threaded mechanism for keeping said cache up to date.

The problem seems to be that each time I approach this system looking to see if I Can improve it, it takes almost all my spare time to analyse what I have done to date. so that I seem to have very little time left to actually improve it.

This of course smacks of poor documentation/commenting. Therefore I have checked the entire set of projects into

At least this way everyone can see where things have reached.

I am by no means giving up on these projects though. I intend to start going through the code making damn sure that I comment things as I go this time ;)

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