Wednesday, September 05, 2007


CR_Workbench is a DXCore plugin which provides you with a toolwindow to store references to commonly used files.

CR_workBench gives you a toolwindow into which you can drag/drop files from either Solution Explorer or Windows Explorer.

All files placed on the WorkBench can be Double-Clicked to load them into the editor

The WorkBench has a context menu which allows loading and saving it's list to and from a file called [Docs and Settings]\[You user name]\Local Settings\Application Data\WorkBenches\[Solution Name].sln.wrk"

The only real point is to allow you a window which does not contain the whole breadth of files in your solution. If you save your workspace (I'm thinking of adding Autoload/Autosave) then you can close all documents prior to saving your solution and thus receive a much faster start-up next time studio loads this solution.

This source available via GoogleCode and Subversion.
WorkBench available from
Common code available from

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