Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Coderush EmbedParenthesis Tip

Idea by Neal Culiner... Configuration workaround by Mark Miller....
Coderush contains a feature called "Embed Parenthesis". this feature allows a user to select a portion of their code and to then type either '(' or ')'.

At 19:20 this evening (According to my newsreader) Neal Culiner suggested on the Coderush forum that it would be good if the existing EmbedParenthesis feature could be made somewhat more intelligent. He suggested that the caret should be placed either left or right of the final expression dependant on which of the 2 keys had been pressed in order to activate said function.
This is particularly useful as, Neal pointed out, for vb programmers who regularly highlight small expressions and wrap parenthesis around them so that we might CInt, CStr or CType.

I would also be sensible to use this to wrap an expression in any function call which passes such an expression.

"Great" said I "Add that to the support center and I'll track it too".

By 20:20 Mark Miller had spotted the conversation and posted a solution which required no new distribution of Coderush as all could be done with the existing version.

For those not willing to click through and read Mark's version, the solution is simple and elegant.
Simply create 2 'Selection\Embedding' entries. One for ParensCaretOnLeft and another for ParensCaretOnRight. Each should be the 5th type of SelectionEmbedding

For ParensCaretOnLeft, the Top line should be...
...and the bottom line should be...

This should be suitably changed for ParensCaretOnRight

Then just change the existing bindings for Shift+9 and Shift+0 in "IDE\Shortcuts" to trigger the "Embed" rather than "EmbedParenthesis" and give each a parameter of either
'ParensCaretOnLeft' or 'ParensCaretOnRight'

You should now be good to go.

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