Friday, June 23, 2006

MoveIt updated again

I have updated MoveIt. This update includes a fix for MoveCodeUp/MoveCodeDown and also includes the previously seperate "Sort References" Refactoring. To download, see
Yup, thats right I finally found some time to fix(I hope) a bug in MoveCodeUp/Down which prevented the xml comments from moving with a method.

Also this version of MoveIt includes the previously seperate "Sort References" refactoring. This is an enhanced version of the previous version of "Sort References". It now allow you to define a series of Namespaces which are not sorted alphabetically but according to the order you define. By default System.* and DevExpress.* namespaces are sorted to the top.

"Sort References" also includes a facillity to optionally include a blank line between groups of similarly named namespaces.
To download, see

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