Sunday, June 04, 2006


I've was invited to join DX-Squad and was very happy to accept.
The guys at DevExpress have invited me to join DX-Squad, a volunteer group of users of their software/components who are willing to spend a little of their time helping out other users in their newsgroups etc. I guess we're that group of people who obsess enough about a cool technology to try to learn everything we can about it and really push it. I guess my previous contributions in the DXCore newsgroups along with the plugins I've developed, got me noticed in some way. This is cool.

Note: I should make it clear that I do not work for Developer Express. Nor do any of the rest of DX-squad. (Although I believe Oliver Sturm used to be a member and is now employed by them). We are all still just very enthusiastic customers.
This means that you can rest assured they have not bought my opinion. I do get to play with beta bits from time to time and as such I have signed an NDA. However I can still say what I want when I want. On my blog, for example, I am totally allowed to say "Coderush Sucks" if I think it sucks.

So don't you worry. Just as soon as I can find something that actually does suck, I'll let you know. Just, please, don't hold your breath. I've been looking at their other products and I think you'll be waiting some time and I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.



N4IXT said...

Congratulations Rory, it's well deserved.


Rory said...


Thanks very much Robert

> It's well deserved

Well we'll see I guess. :)

But it is nice to know the small contribution I try to make is appreciated.
Here's Looking forward to what we can achieve using CR 2.0 and R! 2.0