Tuesday, July 06, 2010

All good things….

I’ve been a member of DX-Squad since some time in April 2006.

After driving Mark Miller, Dustin Campbell and others round the bend asking questions, I finally started retaining enough of this information, that I was able to repeat it to others who came along asking similar questions.

A little while later Dustin suggested I be invited to join the DX-squad, and Mark Miller agreed. I am very grateful to them both for this.

DX-Squad is “A volunteer group of advanced users supporting our tools/component technologies and development community”

What this boils down to, is helping out on the DX forums answering questions on DX technology. It’s kind of like being a DevExpress MVP. And in exchange, DX grants the squad a gratis license to their stuff. It’s an arrangement which benefits both parties and I have found it to be very agreeable.

So I’ve been hanging out on the forums and more recently on twitter answering questions on CodeRush etc for the last 4 years or so. However I’m afraid the time has come to leave.

Unfortunately nothing is forever, and there’s just going to be too much happening at work, for me to be able to juggle all my “Official” work, with my DX-Squad responsibilities.

This being the case, I’m afraid something has to give… and realistically I’m afraid it’s membership of the DX-squad that is going have to loose out in this case.

So after a little over 4 years of helping to answer questions on CodeRush, the DXCore and related tech, I think it’s time to move on.

It’s been great working with my fellow DX-Squaders, who all do a great job supporting their respective areas of DevExpress goodness. I hope they’ll not shun me too much for this decision, and might even continue to provide the odd nugget of help in the future, if should I need it :)

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s ever used a plugin that I’ve written, and even more so to those who’ve suggested ideas (whether I’ve taken them up on the idea or not). I encourage everyone to go take a look at CodeRush, CodeRush Xpress, Refactor Pro and the DXCore.

IMO they are truly the most useful tools I’ve ever come across.

Unfortunately now (as has oft’ been said)…

…All good things must come to an end.


Dom said...

It seems that just as I discover the usefullness of coderush and have a raft of questions wandering around my mind one of the main sources of information (and someone who just happens to prefer vb as well) decides to call it a day.

Well Rory I wish you the best of luck with work. On this side of the pond there's no doubt that we are entering into what the Chinese would describe as 'interesting times' and work (if you're lucky enough to have it) has to take priority.

Many thanks for the excellent articles and plugins that you've created over the years, and hopefully you'll still find time to occasionally update this blog as and when the mood takes.

Rory said...

See my next post for an update. :)