Wednesday, December 16, 2009

DXCore Docs

People keep asking me where to start when learning to build plugins… specifically they ask me where the documentation is..

At this point I’m typically at a loss, because the docs (such as they are at this point) exist as collection of disparate articles, posts and references across a few locations:

So in an effort to centralize some answers to some of the more common DXCore related questions, I'm starting to put together some task based documentation at

It is not intended that this will turn into an API reference ... That will ultimately be down
to DX.

However I'm being asked certain task based questions often enough, that it's
becoming worth my while to create some prebuilt answers of my own that I can point people at… and my blog isn’t the easiest place to browse through :)

Initially some of the content will redirect to relevant articles on my blog or posts in the Forums but with luck I will eventually find time to rewrite some of this content direct in DXCore Docs.

At the very least, new content will be presented via DXCore Docs in an effort to make it easier to browse and digest.

Also note that similar CodeRush based information is available at a similar site:

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Mark Chimes said...

Hi Rory,
The link to your plugins on the community site is broken.
Is there somewhere else that I can download your plugins from?
Mark Chimes