Thursday, August 06, 2009

How to: Bind a key in CodeRush.

If you would like to use CodeRush to bind a key, you're going to need to access the Options dialog.

This is available from the DevExpress Menu if you have the full version of CodeRush.
Alternatively, if you have CodeRush Xpress, you can press CTRL+Alt+Shift+O.

The left hand side of the options screen should look like this:

This screenshot was taken from the full version of CodeRush. Your version may be missing some items.

This might be because:

  • The 'user level' setting in the lower left of the options screen may be set to something other than expert.
  • You may be running CodeRush Xpress which has less features than the full version of CodeRush.

Select the 'IDE\Shortcuts' node as indicated in the screenshot.

The list of CodeRush bindings will appear:

As you can see, I typically create my shortcuts beneath a 'Custom' folder. this helps when it comes time to backup my customizations.

A new folder or shortcut can be created either from the Toolbar at the top of the shortcuts tree, or from a context menu triggered by right-clicking within the tree itself.

When you create a key binding, the right hand side of the screen will light up thus:

This section allows you to enter:

  • A keystroke which triggers your shortcut.
  • A command to execute once triggered.
  • Any params you wish to pass the command. (Optional)
  • A Context to limit your Shortcut’s use. (Optional)

Once you’ve filled out these elements, you are free to either create more bindings or save via the Ok or Apply button and start making use of your new binding.

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