Tuesday, March 11, 2008

DXCore Diagnostic Tools available.

Developer Express have made the DXCore Diagnostic tools available on their site.

As I read the info on the page in question (here), I see that this is in fact old news. But if I missed it then others may well have done so also.

These Tools include: The Expression Lab, The SourceRange Lab, The Event Lab and The Memory Lab.

Perhaps more will follow, but for now I think you'll agree that these should be a great deal of use.


Alex - aka Firelight said...

Hey Rory!!

Its Alex!

I see you write a blog also on here!!

Me too!!

Mines not quite as technical as yours mind!

Rory said...

Ok I give up Mr Z. (I assume - I do know a few Alex's)

What led you to this blog?

I can't believe it was the alleged technical content :)

Alex - aka Firelight said...


there was a link to it on an old email i found from you back in 2006 with links to pics of your new baby at the time.

Back then i didnt know what a blog was! (lol noob)