Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Simple Lazy-Load CodeRush Template

I can't tell you how often I've written this code manually.image

Or alternatively...


So I have finally created a couple of CodeRush Templates to facilitate this.

LLS (Lazy load Static) - Triggers the first expansion.
LLM (Lazy Load Module) - Triggers the 2nd expansion.
LL - Is aliased to LLS.

Templates are lower case in reality, but lowercase 'l' is easily confused with upper case 'I' in some fonts.

Feel free to download them from here and import them for your own use.


Anonymous said...

The download link appears to be broken as I get taken to a generic page.

Rory said...

Link fixed to point to as seems to be expired :(.

I will contact quidnames asap to get this fixed

Rory said...

Damn It!!! had indeed expired, back in August.

However since I recieved no warning (post or email) that this was going to happen, I didn't notice until it was mentioned here.

Damn It!!!