Friday, December 07, 2007

CreateStubForHandler Plugin

Those who have been following this thread in the DevExpress Forums will already be aware of my involvement in a new plugin for VB developers called CreateStubForHandler

This plugin was created by Koen Hoefkens to aid VB.Net developers in their daily tasks.

The CreateStubForHandler plugin does 1 wonderful thing in 2 specific ways.


Imagine you have this line of code...

AddHandler MyButton.Click, AddressOf MyClickHandler
...but you do not yet have and actual 'MyClickHandler'.

Typically you now have to either have a good memory for the parameters needed for the handler or you have to go trawling through the intellisense/tooltips/Object browser to determine what such a handler should look like.

Well now, with a simple refactoring (CodeProvider in Refactor3.0), you will be presented with a 'Target Picker' which you can use to determine the location that 'CreateStubForHandler' will create just such a handler.

The CodeProvider does all the heavy lifting for you. It creates the procedure and populates the signature with all the correct parameters.

It also fills the procedure with a simple throw exception statement.....
Throw New NotImplementedException()


As an additional bonus, there is also an additional "Action" ("AddHandler completion") which you can map to a key of your choosing. This action should be activated when you have the following code...
AddHandler MyButton.Click
... with your caret on the right of said code. (note the lack of a comma)

Once activated, "AddHandler completion" will not only create the procedure for you but will calculate an appropriate default name for the method, but will fill out the "AddressOf" clause for you

Koen was generous enough to allow his plugin to be added to the DXCorePlugins Open Source project on GoogleCode.
So if you're interested you can get the full source to this plugin as well as a few others.

Great stuff!

Thanks Koen

Note: In truth, my only involvement in the project was a little refactoring of the code itself and the creating of a parallel VS2008 project to house the Refactor 3.0 version of the code

I have not added any functionality to the project (unless you count changing the VS2008 version to use a CodeProvider rather than a RefactoringProvider.)

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