Friday, October 19, 2007

Holiday???... What's that then?

The trouble with working for yourself (or family in my case) is that you very rarely get to take any official time off.

Not withstanding the birth of my last child Rosie, I haven't taken "official holiday" in about 3 years.

But I'm taking next week off to chill with a few good books.

Money is a bit tight so my wife, my 3 kids and myself are going to visit my in-laws (Just for a few days) who don't really know what the Internet is, much less have a computer.

I'm leaving my laptop behind and I'll probably switch off my mobile phone.

I might take a pen and paper but that's the technological limit.

The pace of life is going to slow to a snail pace and I might finally be able to relax for a bit :)

Of course we'll be staying with the in-laws so there's no guarantees :)

So this is me dutifully giving notice that my DX-Squad presence is going to lapse like never before.

So to anyone who emails me during the next week.... replies will be a little delayed. :P

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