Monday, April 23, 2007

I just snapped up Winsnap

In an effort to encourage myself to create some more useful Blog posts and Wiki entries, I have purchased a copy of WinSnap by Alexander Avdonin.I feel this has to be one of the best capture tools I have ever used. It's simple, effective, "does exactly what it says on the tin".

It captures... Screens, Applications, Windows, Regions, Objects and Menus.

It Rotates, Scales, Adds Watermarks and Inverts.

It even adds curved edges to your window shots and it even has a portable edition.

The only thing it doesn't seem able to do is take shots of itself.

It has so many super powers that it must surely be in league with the devil.

Actually some would say it is.... it may not slice or dice but that's because it can hand your little screenshot off to Microsoft's Paint.

I think you'll agree that this is one capable little program.

Oh yeah and it's < 500Kb to download. and the registered edition is only $19.95

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