Friday, September 29, 2006

Contacting Me

What ways are there to contact me, and when should you use each ....
I've been getting some very helpful comments from several people regarding bugs that they have found in some of my plugins.

Thanks very much BTW.

However the problem with this is that when I fix and of these bugs I have no idea who to contact, since most people comment anonymously ( at least as far as an amail address is concerned)

So I thought spell out the alternative ways of contacting me :)

1.> EMail: RoryBecker AT gmail DOT com
Useful for general "whazup", "Hey there" or "You and your plugins Suck big-time!" type messages. It's also where notifications of your blog comments get forwarded. I'm plugged into this address whether at home or work. So I'll definitely get your message. Please don't spam me though.

2.> Email: RoryB AT DXSquad DOT com
My email address, donated by the kind folks at DevExpress.

3.> Developer Express Newsgroups (Plugins, Coderush, RefactorPro). If it's related to these forums then feel free to contact me here.

On the flip side I don't want to hijack said forums with a deluge of mails about my plugins (unless they are wonderful endorsements of how my wonderful plugins have singlehandedly saved your life etc)

Also I encourage anyone out there to email me direct at my gmail address just to let me know you're using a plugin of mine :)

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