Sunday, July 30, 2006

PaintIt v1.1

PaintIt has had a little makeover
ok version 1.1. This version sees some bug fixes, some optimisation, some new functionality and some experimental new flexibility with regard to painting styles. So go check out version 1.1 at


Sloop John B. said...

Minor point...

Perhaps the default on the "Current Member" should be changed. On my box, the default was blue brush w/no transparency. The effect was that you can't see the variable name. I think having a default the same, except with an opacity of 50% or so would be a more useful start, as well as an indication of just how helpful this function really is (instead of my initial thought of, "why is my varible being covered up?!").

Rory said...

Damn fine point. Fixed for version 1.2