Monday, May 15, 2006

Who am I

A little introduction to me
My name (as you really should know already from this blog's title) is Rory.
More precisely it's Rory Becker.

I am a programmer for a relatively small company which I'm not going to name here so that I can say whatever I want without it reflecting badly on them.

I mostly program in VB.Net although I am fairly competent in C# as well. I have been following the Microsoft thread of IDE's since VB 5.0 when the company I was working for dictated that this was the "New Language" that would be used for our next project. I immediately complained (although not very loudly) that Delphi (not sure which version was about at the time but it would have mattered very little) was a far more capable language for almost any possible project.

I was informed that this did not matter as we had a large supply of VB 3.0 code from a previous project which would be the basis of this new project. (Oh dear)

I would like to have quit but that wouldn't have looked good on my report when I'd finished my gap year.

Anyway that's all water under the bridge now and since VB has now caught up and become a real grown up language.

So now I program in VB.Net 2003 but I am, for the moment, very happy doing so.

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